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LUPULIN EVENTS LLC is a beer-centric event company launched in April 2017. We host anything beer related: festivals, pairings/dinners, anniversaries, privately led brewery tours, birthday bashes, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more! Our company was born out of a need for respecting beer and the people who brew it. We tell their stories, share the intricate details of the brewing process, and most importantly, drink their beer!

No event is too small. We focus on intimate tastings of rare and sought after beers, produced around your preferences. We're Certified Beer Servers with the Cicerone Program, meaning we're accredited beer guides equipped "to serve today’s wide range of beers", and we're constantly educating ourselves with more beer knowledge to share with you! Contact us today and we'd love to curate your event to your tastes & needs.

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